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Virtual Consultation

We can offer you a better assessment and an estimated budget for all your trip through a virtual consultation

What is it?

Basic information, previous lab studies and/or pictures, can help our doctors determine if you qualify for the treatment of your choice. This information is only reviewed by the doctor, and is subject to the most strict discretion, it will not be used for any other purpose. Although in some cases the definitive diagnosis before any procedure is done in person, virtual consultation helps to answer important questions before traveling for medical purposes.

First name

Last name

Birth date

Birth date

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Procedure of your interest

Do you or any of your guest have a disability?

Do you have any laboratory study?

What date are you planning to travel?

Birth date

Birth date

TURISMO MEDICO DE YUCATAN, S.A. DE C.V. would not use or disclose any confidential information sent by any person which is interested on virtual consultation. Any file must be send through a private sesión that it will be create in the next step of the virtual consultation form. The sesions are kept on a highly secure server.

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